Huh? Woof. (big yawn) Oh, it’s my turn? OK. Hey y’all I’m Barkley. I’m the pesky brother that Mr. Insecure is talking about. So, I’m a Border Collie / Australian Shepherd mix. Yeah, that’s right, I AM a Mr. Smartypants. I could be an engineer if I had thumbs. I am an April Fool puppy…almost. My birthday is April 2, 2011. Suppooooooosedly…I am all grown up now. Mom hopes so anyways… She’s hoping that will make me calm down. HA! It has only just begun (evil laugh) Moohoohoohahaha . I’m really cute though so that makes it all OK. That’s my thought anyways and I’m sticking to it.
Huh? What was that noise? Was that a car that just drove by? So where was I? Yeah…not a big fan of a bath (shudder). I know it makes me smell good and the chicks seem to like it, but is all of that water really necessary? I mean, really. I like that spray stuff we have and am a sucker for a good foot massage though. That Softy Paws stuff rocks. Where did I leave that ball? I want to play with the ball…or the…Oh look! A ROPE! Awesome! Oh, uh…foot rubs. Yeah, they are the bomb.
OK, so mom says that I am rambling and not making much sense so I guess I gotta go. I’m gonna go sit by the front door now and ring the bell to go out. Mom thinks that because I do this, I need to go potty. Ha! I just wanna go sniff some
stuff, but she falls for it every time. I got her wrapped around my little finger...err...toe. Peace out!