Howdy! Barkley here…We’ve been tailwaggin’ fools getting all of this stuff ready for ya. Lots of fun stuff for our furry friends and our favorite humans to enjoy. Actually, I am upper management so I pretty much just watch Bailey do all of the work. He’s so funny scurrying around in his little lab coat and goggles. What a goofball! Anyways…I need to let ya in on a little family secret. Ya know Bailey? Well…he isn’t the perfect image of innocence that he makes himself out to be. Mom caught him eating some paper the other day. I didn’t think anything of it, but Mom freaked out and now we aren’t allowed to have our  own  cash register.  
Apparently it was important paper. Mom called it
money… whatever that is. So, when you want to buy something from us, it has to go through her first. Don’t be surprised when you get to the
store and see her fancy pants logo along with our super cool one. Happy shopping y’all! Go nuts!