Ruff! I’m Bailey... a Sheltie / Keeshond mix. . I am too modest to tell you my age, but I will tell you that I was born on January 26, 2002. You do the math. I am aging incredibly well if I do say so myself. My mom says that I am the sweetest dog in the world and I believe her! I am the boss here at Happy Tailwaggers no matter what my little brother thinks. Just because he’s bigger, and stronger, and likes to bully me, and and and he thinks he’s the king of the world, and I know he thinks he’s better looking, and mom’s always tellin’ him what a good boy he is. Grrr. Anyways I’m the boss! When my mom was making these wonderful, smelly, lathery things I was the one who willingly participated in helping her test them out. Boy do I love a good bath! I am a pampered pup and am not ashamed to say so. I was finally able to talk mom into starting this website. She’s always callin’ me and my pesky brother Happy Tailwaggers so I thought that would be a good name. Even though I
try, I’m not so good with the computer so Barkley did most of the typing. He thinks he’s so great. I’m the one with all of the artistic talent though. He can’t take credit for every- thing. It’s just, it’s just that ya see…I’m a tad stuck in my ways and don’t really care about these newfangled contraptions all of the kids are using
these days. I’m perfectly happy snugglin’ up to mommy and
taking a nap or going for a walk or having a good chew on my bone. I don’t see the need for learning how to type. Especially since Mr.Smartypants is ever so eager. I need to go now and get back to the office to help mom out. Today my job is to curl up and keep her feet warm while she comes up with some new ideas. Woohoo!!! I wonder what my job will be tomorrow? Secretly I am hoping it will be another bath.